Desktop search

Desktop search is the name used to refer to the field of search tools that are used to locate content on a user’s computer. They make it possible to easily find a person’s computer files. It does not involve searching for content on the internet.

You can use the tools to find information on your PC. They search through different locations including e-mail archives, web browser histories, text documents, video, image and sound files. The tools are designed to achieve their task in the shortest time possible. Search results are usually shown within a few seconds or even less. The duration depends on multiple factors but in most cases the time frame is short.

Microsoft Windows search companion is helpful but one of its limitations is that it only searches through windows folders and files. It cannot perform the operation on e-mail or even contact databases. The windows search tool is slow in some windows versions such as 2000 or XP. A good thing is that you can improve the speed by simply enabling the indexing service. An operating system such as MS Windows Vista enables the service by default; hence there is no need to go through the process of enabling it.

There are multiple desktop search software programs that you can use to find files. They have been tailor made for the different operating systems. This means that you can get desktop search software for Windows and Mac PCS. It is not hard to find desktop search software for Mac and Windows computers.  You should, however, choose the best version that will meet your needs.

Desktop search is without a doubt a useful asset that many people and companies are utilizing. Unfortunately, the use of desktop search programs by large firms has some disadvantages. One of the biggest concerns is security. As much as users are able to find information that is relevant quickly, employees should not be able to access restricted files.

IT organizations are having a hard time maintaining 100% control of sensitive information. This applies especially if they do not have a desktop search standard, or lack strict control over the tools that users can download from the internet. A number of consumer-oriented desktop search tools make it easy and possible for individuals who are not authorized to access sensitive information. In some situations, end users are even able to index items that they should not even know exist in the first place.