Desktop search software for windows

Locating a file or folder on a computer is not an easy task especially if your computer has a big storage capacity. You want to search through all your documents –  even those notes from your time on Language school in Spain or your old job applications. The task is even harder if you do not know the place that the file may be, or if it appears to have disappeared. This is where Desktop search comes in.

Desktop search software for windows is a user configured software that you can easily download that indexes and searches your files. It makes the process of finding content less daunting. You will get to save time that you would have used trying to locate information.

A large fraction of users have been complaining that it hogs system resources. They instead opt to install and instead use commercial file explorer programs. If you want to use an alternative program to windows desktop search you are advised to disable it rather than removing it completely.

Removing it is complicated. In case you want to use it again you will spend a lot of time reinstalling and then configuring it. Disabling it avoids these problems because you can simply reactivate it.

Go to the control panel at the start menu. Click on it, and then open administrative tools in the menu. It may either be an icon or list. Highlight it and double click. Go to services and select it.

Scroll through the list until you find windows search. The name displayed will be the version that is installed on your computer. There are several things that you should be keen on. Review the description of windows search together with information about the programs current status and the startup configuration.

Highlight windows search and then right click. This will open the context menu. Scroll till you reach properties then choose it. A new window will open. You can change the start up options of the program from it.

Locate the startup type section of the window. Go to the drop-down box that is next to it. Click on it to display the choices and select disable. If windows search is running windows will prompt you to stop it.

Click the stop button if necessary. After making your selections click apply. Close the control panel and services after you are done.

The desktop search software is a useful tool. There is also a desktop search software for Mac that you can easily find online. You can also disable it but the process is different from the one that is followed when disabling the Windows’ version.

See this video on how to use the search function in Windows 7.
Read more about Windows Search on Microsoft’s website.